Behind-the-Scenes are one of the International Women Forum’s signature events, and offer all conference participants special access to exclusive experiences around the world. 

Beginning the morning of October 20, you’ll be able to access the magic of Behind-the-Scenes in the comfort of your own home. Conference participants will have registration only access to the following sessions that can be viewed on-demand:

Mapping the Underwater Caves of the Yucatán Peninsula

Under Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula lies a vast network of underwater caves that is still largely unmapped.  As divers and scientists explore these caverns they’re making remarkable discoveries which provide evidence of human habitation and activities in the area more than ten thousand years ago.  Diver Sam Meacham, whose work has been featured on the BBC, PBS and National Geographic, takes you into this subterranean world to show you it’s otherworldly beauty, explain its historic and scientific significance, and discuss its critical importance today as a source of potable water.

Zeugma and Zeugma Mosaic Museum | Gaziantep, Turkey

Zeugma is an ancient city of Commagene dating back to the 3rd Century BC. It was named for the bridge of boats, or zeugma, that crossed the Euphrates river at that location. It was also  a cradle of ancient civilization and served as  crossroads of trading routes throughout the ages. Join Director of the Zeugma Excavations, Prof. Dr.  Kutalmış Gorkay, as he shares the explorations, treasures and the largest mosaic museum in the world.

Kremlin | Moscow, Russia

The Kremlin is located in the center of Moscow and is considered to have one of the most beautiful architecture ensembles in the world. It is home to a combination of cathedrals and palaces, as well as state offices. The Kremlin also serves as the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation. IWF Russia has specially prepared this exclusive tour for conference participants that you won’t want to miss.

Activism through Collecting: Exploring African-American Art with Pamela J. Joyner

World-renowned art collector, philanthropist and innovator Pamela J. Joyner will discuss her acclaimed collection. Pamela is one of the world’s Top 200 art collectors and also an IWF Northern California member. She considers herself an activist collector and says, “Ours is a mission-driven collection with no smaller ambition than to reframe art history and make certain to the extent of our capabilities and resources that our artists are put into the full context of a diverse canon.” Initiated in 1999, Joyner’s art collection focuses primarily on abstract works, mostly paintings, by artists of African descent.