Behind the Scenes

Behind-the-Scenes are one of the International Women Forum’s signature events and offer all conference participants special access to exclusive experiences from around the world.

Beginning the morning of March 24, you will be able to access the magic of Behind-the-Scenes in the comfort of your own home. Conference participants will have registration only access to the following sessions that can be viewed on-demand.

Trinity College with IWF Ireland 

Trinity College Dublin is Ireland’s oldest University dating from 1592. Situated in the center of Dublin City, it houses one of world’s best-known libraries, the Long Room, a working library since 1732. Steeped in heritage, every corner of this 65-meter-long vaulted chamber is filled with books and history, with dark oak beams produced by generations of master craftsmen, making it one of the most impressive libraries in the world. Anne-Marie Diffley, manager of the Book of Kells Visitor Experience, invites you on a virtual private tour through the intricate artistry of the Book of Kells, one of the world’s most beautiful, illuminated manuscripts, followed by a walk through the breath-taking Long Room, home to 250,000 of Trinity’s most ancient books including the Book of Durrow and the Fagel Collection.

Touching the Soul of Sweden with IWF Sweden

Venture to Scandinavia virtually in a special guided tour led by IWF Sweden members. Visit the Vasa Museum, the most popular museum in Scandinavia where you will see the world’s best preserved 17th century ship. Explore the City Hall of Stockholm, the center of festivities surrounding the Nobel Prize ceremonies and then be transported to the national theater for performing arts, The Royal Opera. We will finish with a special visit to the famous and centuries old Jokkmokk Winter Market. 

Richie Bostock – The Breath Guy Presented by Lululemon 

The way we breathe affects every system and function in the body, therefore we can start to use it to create rapid changes in our physical, mental, and emotional states. In this short meditation, Richie will guide you through a unique breath-led experience that will reset your nervous system leaving you feeling calmly energised and focused. 


  • Richie Bostock, The Breath Guy 

A Conversation with the Director 

With her acclaimed documentary film Die Arier or The Aryans, German filmmaker Mo Asumang, goes on a personal journey into the madness of extremist ideologies, meeting and speaking with leaders and followers of these movements such as with German neo-Nazis, Klu Klux Klan members, and the notorious founder of the White Aryan Resistance, Tom Metzger. Join us for a special intimate conversation, as Mo shares her journey and perspective on where these movements stand now. 

In advance of the conversation, you can view the Die Arier trailer here.


  • Mo Asumang, Acclaimed Documentary Filmmaker and Anti-Racism Activist (IWF Germany)
  • Mellissa Fung, Journalist and Documentary Filmmaker